Young Adult Program Moves to Reeds Bay

By Yvette Slagle, Outreach Assistant

Pacific Quest is pleased to announce the movement of the young adult program to a brand new ocean front location at historical Reeds Bay.  Several years ago, Pacific Quest was asked by a number of families and referring professionals to consider serving the needs of struggling young adults. Noted for our respectful approach, creative programming, clinical expertise and inspiring setting, Pacific Quest provides a perfect fit for young adults in need of mental health services and independent living skills.

Pacific Quest at Reeds Bay operates on a five-acre ocean front property, with an 8,000 square ft. facility, complete with a large commercial kitchen and modern sleeping quarters. Young adults spend each day outdoors tending to the Reeds Bay Garden and working together in the village camps. Lush shaded areas provide beautiful landscapes for group and individual therapy sessions, personal reflection, and yoga exercise. Young adults can kayak with their therapist, and learn valuable life skills including the opportunity to participate in a Culinary Arts program, preparing healthy, familiar “farm to table” meals in the Reeds Bay commercial kitchen. Days are structured with an emphasis on personal accountability, emotional health, time management, and the five pillars of health (Diet, Breathing, Exercise and the Mind/Body Connection). Modern bunk rooms and bathrooms help students return to a regular schedule of sleep, personal hygiene and self-care, all of which are integral to self-esteem and investment in the therapeutic process. These and other “real world” living skills are practiced and perfected in a community setting, and most importantly, are transferable to life after Pacific Quest.

The Pacific Quest Clinical Department provides comprehensive individual and group therapy offering innovative assessment and intervention for each young adult. Therapists are integrated into the culture of the program, working closely with their young adult clients and facilitating clinical therapy groups several times each week. Going beyond traditional models of behavioral health care, Pacific Quest’s therapeutic wilderness program utilizes evidence-based practices in horticultural therapy and a rites of passage curriculum that allows therapists to integrate clinical goals into a safe and experiential environment.

Therapists not only create extensive treatment plans for each young adult client, but also communicate weekly with families, educators, and health care professionals ensuring that the goals and objectives in the treatment process are sustainable and transferable to the next setting. The Pacific Quest Wellness Department educates young adults on the connection between nutrition, sleep, exercise, and physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Pacific Quest at Reeds Bay combines the safety and structure of a residential setting with the benefits of an outdoor program. The young adult program accepts a maximum enrollment of 30 young adults, ages 18-26.

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